A minimal, yet full featured blog engine using ASP.NET Razor Web Pages. Perfect for the blogger who wants to selfhost a blog.


  • Best-in-class performance
    • Gets a perfect score of 100/100 on Google Page Speed
    • Uses CDN for Bootstrap and jQuery in release mode (debug="false")
    • Easy setting for serving static files from another domain.
  • Windows Live Writer (WLW) support
    • Optimized for WLW
    • Assumes WLW is the main way to write posts
    • You don't have to use WLW (but you should)
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Schedule posts to be published on a future date
  • Get feedback on an unpublished post by sending a preview link
  • SEO optimized
    • Uses HTML 5 microdata to add semantic meaning
    • Support for robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Theming support
    • Based on Bootstrap themes. Makes it easy to customize your blog
    • Comes with a one-column, two-column, and off-canvas theme
  • No database required
    • Uses the same XML format as BlogEngine.NET
    • Move your existing blog to MiniBlog using MiniBlog Formatter
  • Inline editing of blog posts
  • Comments support
    • Gravatar support
    • Can easily be replaced by 3rd-party commenting system
  • Drag 'n drop images to upload
    • Automatically optimizes uploaded images
  • Uses latest technologies
    • OpenGraph enabled
    • Based on jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Best-in-class accessibility
  • Mobile friendly
  • Works on any host including Windows Azure Websites


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Mobile friendly and Works on any host including Windows Azure Websites