Hi I am a .NE

T developer and I always wanted to start a blog to share things I know but I kept postponing it since years. The main problem I see with most of the people (developers) like me is they get confused whether to develop their own blog engine or use one of the popular blogging engines out there in internet, yes it was very tricky for me to come to a conclusion.

Yes, I agree that developing our own blog engine is not a tough task as the schema is very simple and there is a very good scope for customization but you need to consider the following before you start developing one:

  • To use Database or not to use database
  • How to Moderate the comments posted
  • Which Rich Text Editor to use
  • How to integrate the blog with Window Live Writer
  • Responsive UI design with twitter bootstrap
  • Gravatar support for retrieving avatars
  • RSS feeds
  • Have social integration to share and tweet about the post